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Welcome to our tutoring center at This is a place of problem-solving excellence. We offer two different ways to help you with your studies. We can teach you How to Think and review your homework.

We are one


Telephone Support

Telephone support for solving math problems is $31.40 for up to one hour. For Q&A and instruction over the phone in How To Think (see webpage) the hourly rate is $51.00. See sales below. You may obtain 5% cashback just by downloading our app at To place on home screen press button below logo in upper left. There is also a current 25% off sale producing a recent price of $22.37 for math help and $36.33 for training in reason less a $3 first time use coupon if claimed. You must add a 5% fee for a $23.51 and $38.16 sale price respectively. Math help requires a $1.85 foreign tax be charged on the recent price making the total bill $24.22 in 75232 dallas, tx. The amount of your tax will vary with location. Exchange rates for dollar will vary.

Our hours are 4-10PM central Monday-Thursday.

How It Works

Math tutoring by phone may be assisted by a live online webinar, Skype, and email. At the time of your order for math support, email us at least five problems to for discussion. Please include your own work. If calling for logic assistance, please study webpage thoroughly and have your questions ready. Redeem your purchase immediately upon receiving my call. Book an appointment at time of order.

If a webinar is indicated, we will email you a link which will enable you to connect. Otherwise, give us the free Skype name you use to login to your Skype account at when we call at your appointment time.
Download the Graphing Calculator app and the Khan Academy app to your smartphone.

You may photograph with your smartphone or scan an image of the problems into an email attachment.

We’ll help you graduate!

About Us

In high school your tutor took algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and analytical geometry carrying an A average. Upon graduation he attended the University of Illinois minoring in mathematics and majoring in electrical engineering. He carried a 5.0/5.0 average in math and was invited to join Pi Mu Epsilon, the National Honorary Mathematical Fraternity. After earning an M.S.Sc in science in graduate school, he was offered a chance to solve theoretical math problems for the physics department.

His work experience included writing finite element software for Northrop Corporation, a numerical method for solving electromagnetic problems in physics.

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during the hours of 4-10PM central Monday – Thursday

About Us

We are For Algebra Help Llc, a business dedicated to educational excellence.

We equip the student for his chosen field of study and career with lifelong analytical thinking skills.